Dukeries Motor Club - REX Pet Hotel Flying Fortress Stages 2016

Final Stage Times in Class Order for Retirements to TC 4

Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
601Ian Holliday/ Alex Holliday8:4512:0011:4832:33647
611Patrick Homan/ Tom Homam12:008:3211:4832:20546
631John Muir/ Royston Carey   Broken Driveshaft and Steering Arm
Class 2
292Alan Carfrae/ Howard Goacher9:349:3012:0931:13642
412Chris Grundy/ Steve Grundy   Non Starter
562David Simmons/ Sam Bennett   Non Starter
Class 3
333John Cooledge/ Laura Cooledge8:238:1212:3929:141836
513Neil Marshall/ Mike Scrimgour8:117:5211:4827:511529
73Roland Brown/ Terry Luckings8:278:1211:1127:501428
553Stephen Booth / Catherine Booth 8:107:4811:4827:461326
243Chris White/ Chris White Jnr7:568:0611:4227:441225
543Terence Trelfa/ Stephen Abberley 12:0012:00 Hit a tree
153Richard Warne/ Chris Deal7:56  Broken Halfshaft
223Martin Page/ Hugh Holdaway12:00  Retired
313Kevin Hullah/ Chris Harding   Non Starter
Class 4
264Adrian Warrant/ Clare Law12:007:5011:2431:14443
484Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss8:518:34 Hit tree stump
444Anthony Windle/ John Hendley8:31  Unrepairable
Class 5
95David Wood/ Peter Kettle8:127:3310:4926:34712
35Simon Belcher/ Sam Bailey7:367:1910:2425:1933
215Graham Williams/ Nigel Williams   Non Starter
185William Moore/ Stuart Moore   Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.00 miles
Stage 2
6.00 miles
Stage 3
7.90 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 26th June 2016 at 17:50 BST