Car Cls Crew123456789 Penalty Total Cls
170D1Philip Jennings/ George Jennings9:278:536:166:358:267:486:176:21 Suspension Failure
25CRob Huges/ Kevin Butler8:438:035:455:477:247:0912:00  Retired
71BSteven Wesley Kettle/ Richard Duddell9:068:516:166:238:157:536:12  Retired
14CSteven Quigley/ Tom Hutchings8:268:145:576:017:417:336:43  Gearbox
46D2Jonathan Comer/ Stephen Landen8:338:086:165:567:267:176:39  Retired
48CStuart Gilks/ Mike Boyns8:508:096:165:537:237:145:40  Blown Engine
22D1Peter Jackson/ Craig Simkiss7:597:436:165:437:066:576:21  Retired
44D1Peter Quigley/ Mark Dixon10:128:546:166:208:0411:42   Misfire
18CJulian Jones/ Mikey Herritts8:117:485:435:407:107:37   Retired
17D1Brandon Smith/ Elen Jones8:388:1312:006:057:41    Electrical
28CMike English/ Andy Robinson8:207:5812:005:537:30    Collision with car 23
29D1Martin Fox/ Tony Ralph8:308:036:166:0112:00    Hit crash barrier
83BRichard Kay/ Adam Kay9:208:506:166:528:29    Retired
4D2Neil Simpson/ Elliott Edmondson7:467:445:415:266:52    Burst radiator from stone
72D2Simon Moss/ Peter Littlefield9:399:016:1612:00     Broken Radiator
77BGary Farrant/ Neil Thomas 9:299:056:166:41     Off on jump taken out fence posts
32CAlex Cannon/ Ray Keith9:168:226:16      Engine
12D2Roger Moran/ Joy Hoyle8:308:1712:00      Water Splash
11D2Alan Oldfield/ Stephen McNulty9:108:136:04      Gearbox
30D2Mark Roberts/ Gareth Twiss8:237:596:16      Radiator
62D1Richard MacDonald/ Andrew MacDonald10:1212:00       Head Gasket
24D1Dave Willett/ John Davies8:037:43       Collision with Car 28
63CStephen Doherty/ Tony Vart9:51        Engine gone pop!
19D1Wil Owen/ Rob Hopewell         Non Starter
50BDylan Thomas/ Sarah Edwards         Non Starter
82D2Sian Tidley/ Hywel Tidley         Non Starter
56BAlex Willan/ Katie Willan         Non Starter
84CGraham Thomas/ TBA         Non Starter
35D1Allan McDowall/ Gavin Heseltine         Non Starter
85D1Nick ormiston/ Jack Morton         Non Starter
26D1Martin wilkinson/ Alan Causey         Non Starter
65CAntony Dixon/ Ryan Moyler         Non Starter
89BWalter Ainsworth/ Lorraine Nixon         Non Starter
67D1Trevor Hancock/ Mike Barratt         Non Starter
90BJack Ives/ Graham Ives         Non Starter
40CJoseph Redmond/ Frank Murphy          Non Starter
95AJack Wharton/ Angela Wharton         Non Starter
144CChris Roberts/ Ben Roberts         Non Starter
73AColin Jones/ Alun Roberts         Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.60 miles
Stage 2
7.60 miles
Stage 3
6.10 miles
Stage 4
6.10 miles
Stage 5
7.60 miles
Stage 6
7.60 miles
Stage 7
6.10 miles
Stage 8
6.10 miles
Stage 9
2.30 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 7th November 2015 at 18:30 GMT

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