Stockton & District Motor Club - SG Petch Tour of Hamsterley Rally 2015

Final Stage Times in Position Order to SSF2

Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
15Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson7:418:1215:5311
35Matt Edwards/ John Connor8:058:3416:3922
48Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis8:198:3416:5313
75Steve Petch/ John Richardson8:349:0117:3534
65Michael Glendinning / Paul Hughes 8:428:5517:3745
111Mat Smith/ Giles Dykes8:399:0117:4016
175Scott Mccombie/ Mark Fisher8:449:0117:4557
103Nick Dobson/ Steve Pugh8:459:0117:4618
95Lee Hastings/ Julie McGuire8:529:1218:0469
293John Mcllwraith/ Ian Jones9:019:1618:17210
124Phil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher9:099:1618:25111
25Stephenson Peter/ Ian Windress9:049:2518:29712
152Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge9:059:2418:29113
165Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross9:229:2018:42814
228Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson9:219:3919:00215
261Daniel Thompson/ Matthew Thompson9:219:4919:10216
194Chris White/ Chris Dewsnap9:369:3719:13217
425Mike Williams/ Steve Perry9:219:5819:19918
182Ben Cree/ Alan Ward9:359:5819:33219
205Andy Graham/ Will Henry9:3510:0019:351020
258Tom Coughtrie/ Jamie Edwards9:3510:0419:39321
231Brian McGuinness/ Ian Harden9:489:5419:42322
245Iain Wilson/ Keith Riddick9:0111:0120:021123
435Peter Herron/ Tom Herron10:0010:0320:031224
342Trevor Gamble/ tbc9:4810:2020:08325
481Adam Tomlinson/ Ian Tomlinson9:5510:1720:12426
457Paul May/ Daniel May9:4910:2920:18127
401Christopher Roe/ Mark Whitehouse 10:0910:2520:34528
327Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson10:1810:3420:52229
513Neil Prior/ Peter Littlefield10:0510:4920:54330
472Phil Sawyer/ James MacTavish10:3210:3821:10431
441Graham Gaskell/ Hannah McKillop10:2111:0021:21632
304Dan Colley/ Andrew Doydon10:4910:4821:37333
277Michael Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour10:4311:0221:45334
387Stewart Scott/ Mark Casey11:0210:5621:58435
358Charlie Blainey/ Adrian "Honey" Wilford11:0711:3922:46436
392Larry Carter/ Kari Bates12:0911:2723:36537
417Elliot Retallick/ Tim Tugwell9:4514:0023:45538
311Jake McKenna/ Cal McElhinney12:1512:2624:41739
337Alistair James Murray/ David Nevin12:0312:4124:44640
143Andy Gibson/ Dave Gibson8:4916:1725:06441

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Kings Crag 1
7.41 miles
Stage 2
Strawberry Bank 1
8.14 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 12th September 2015 at 4:15pm BST