Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
111Mat Smith/ Giles Dykes110
231Brian McGuinness/ Ian Harden220
261Daniel Thompson/ Matthew Thompson323
311Jake McKenna/ Cal McElhinney427
401Christopher Roe/ Mark Whitehouse 535
441Graham Gaskell/ Hannah McKillop639
481Adam Tomlinson/ Ian Tomlinson742
501David Coatsworth/ Chris Pattison844
Class 2
152Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge113
182Ben Cree/ Alan Ward216
342Trevor Gamble/ tbc330
392Larry Carter/ Kari Bates434
472Phil Sawyer/ James MacTavish541
492Richard Wells/ tba643
Class 3
103Nick Dobson/ Steve Pugh19
143Andy Gibson/ Dave Gibson212
293John Mcllwraith/ Ian Jones325
513Neil Prior/ Peter Littlefield445
Class 4
124Phil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher111
194Chris White/ Chris Dewsnap217
304Dan Colley/ Andrew Doydon326
Class 5
15Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson11
25Stephenson Peter/ Ian Windress22
35Matt Edwards/ John Connor33
55Peter Smith/ Alan Walker45
65Michael Glendinning / Paul Hughes 56
75Steve Petch/ John Richardson67
95Lee Hastings/ Julie McGuire78
165Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross814
175Scott Mccombie/ Mark Fisher915
205Andy Graham/ Will Henry1018
245Iain Wilson/ Keith Riddick1121
365Rob Gill/ Nick Taylor1232
425Mike Williams/ Steve Perry1337
435Peter Herron/ Tom Herron1438
285James Gibb/ Alan Todd1548
Class 7
277Michael Thornton/ Dave Scrimgour124
327Keith Davison/ Henry Richardson228
337Alistair James Murray/ David Nevin329
387Stewart Scott/ Mark Casey433
417Elliot Retallick/ Tim Tugwell536
457Paul May/ Daniel May640
Class 8
48Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis14
228Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson219
258Tom Coughtrie/ Jamie Edwards322
358Charlie Blainey/ Adrian "Honey" Wilford431
218David Goose/ Colin Tombs547

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 12th September 2015 at 16:15 BST

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