Trackrod Motor Club - Lookout Stages Rally 2015

Final Stage Times in Class Order for Retirements to TC 11

Car Cls Crew12345 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
421Stephen Barmby/ Mick Woodcock11:3211:0610:53  Half Shaft
241Mick Penrose/ Jonathan Williams10:5210:2110:19  Back axle fell off
461Chris Newlove/ Linda White11:3811:35   1:20Gearbox
Car 46 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 3
0:20 for 2:00 late at MTC 4
381Adam Tomlinson/ Ian Tomlinson     Car boke
Class 2
572Lorraine Leeming/ Karen Fitz-Simons11:2311:1010:50  Retired
342Nigel Patrick Bywater/ Chris Wood11:3410:4610:36  Crown Wheel
332William Midgley/ Brendan Mckenna10:5910:1218:00  Retired
Class 3
533Jason Hewlett / Martyn Bibb11:3211:5110:3910:3814:160:5059:46623
Car 53 Penalty details:- 0:50 for 5:00 late at TC 3
373Adrian Day/ Malcolm Gray14:16Retired
163Michael Pickles/ James Crosland12:0610:279:5411:2114:16Lack of Brakes
493Michael Thomas/ Brian Smith10:5214:0210:219:55 Head Gasket Blown
393Ian Young/ Tracey Kearsley11:3010:4210:3710:33 Steering Rack
143Dave Lewis/ Steve Southall10:339:489:489:43 Oil Pressure
583Wayne Hirst/ Adam Charlesworth11:3910:40   Head Gasket & Driver Failure
453Paul Lawrence/ Joe Marshall11:14    Retired
293Nick Kitching/ Andrew Trollope      Broken Engine
513Robert Fisher/ Paul Gould     Engine
Class 4
74Phil Gallagher/ Mick Gallagher10:189:569:4118:00Retired
564Lee Sellars/ Sean Sellars11:5011:2811:35  Broken Shock
154Shaun Riley/ Joe Ford11:5211:11   Retired
94Wesley Simpson / Ryan Simpson      Retired
254David May/ Barry Briggs     Retired
474Brian J Watson/ Jody Watson     ECU Failure
Class 5
15Alex Taylor/ Mark Swallow10:079:379:108:5712:510:3051:1222
Car 1 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Striking furniture SS1
175Andy Graham/ Sam Collins10:2413:30Retired
35Gary Cooper/ Jon Riley10:3711:16   Retired
85Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster10:169:30   Oil Leak
235Colin Mills/ Philip Rushton10:41    Electrical Fault
55Neil Fewlass/ Steve Varey16:22    Retired
25Steve Marriott/ Dave Mclachlan     Rear Diff
215Charles Stephen Adamson/ Michael Blenkinsop     Power Steering
Class 6
366Philip Thompson/ Fred Roberts11:00    Engine

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
9.00 miles
Stage 2
9.00 miles
Stage 3
8.80 miles
Stage 4
8.80 miles
Stage 5
7.80 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 12th April 2015 at 17:09 BST