Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
1ENigel Cannell/ Jade Cannell10:2410:5010:0331:1711
2ESteve Colley/ Andrew Cowley10:2710:2710:2731:2122
3DDamian Cole/ Jack Morton   Non Starter
4EJohn Cope/ Clive Molyneux10:4710:4210:2031:4933
5ESimon Chapman/ Paul McCann10:5311:1210:2932:3444
6BMartyn Jones/ Rob Fagg11:1811:4010:4733:4518
7ETimmy Collins / Cliona Collins   Non Starter
8DAndy Bird/ Plug Pulleyn11:1011:2610:4733:2315
9EStu Bainborough/ Charlotte Shimmin   Non Starter
10CIan Chadwick/ Kevin Horgan11:3111:4111:1434:26311
11DCarine (Kex) Walker/ Dannii Matthews11:1811:2111:0433:4327
12CGuy Simpkiss/ Debbie Perry14:15  4:00:00Retired
Car 12 Penalty details:- 30:00 for Missed TC 2
30:00 for Missed SS 2
30:00 for Missed SS 2F
30:00 for Missed SA 1:IN
30:00 for Missed SA 1:OUT
30:00 for Missed TC 3
30:00 for Missed SS 3
30:00 for Missed SS 3F
14CRichard Fishleigh / Ian Gardiner11:2811:3611:0134:05210
15CDean Quayle/ Barrie Ford11:2711:0710:5833:3216
16CGrant Leece/ Nick Pledger11:5311:3611:1134:40413
17DDan Colley/ Andrew Dudgeon11:5412:0311:0735:04517
18EKevin Jeffray/ Jane Gray11:2611:3210:5833:5659
19BKyle Collister / Chloe Duke   Rolled
20DMike Taylor/ Peter Grant11:5411:4311:2335:00416
21CJohn Richardson/ Eric Wilcockson11:5411:3811:2734:59515
22EGraham Roberts/ Bradley Down11:5412:0711:3435:35619
23DWill Heavey/ Adam Yates11:5411:3511:0934:38312
24AChris Heyes/ Rory McCann   Lost a wheel
25CJason Stone/ Daniel Stone11:5412:0525:002:00:002:48:591137
Car 25 Penalty details:- 30:00 for Missed SA 1:OUT
30:00 for Missed TC 3
30:00 for Missed SS 3
30:00 for Missed SS 3F
26BMichael McKenna/ Paul Gribben11:5413:1612:3937:49425
27BDan Shacklock/ Abby Corlett11:5411:3611:2434:54214
28DRichard Martin Freestone/ Kim Freestone11:5412:3712:0336:34821
29BTim Healey/ Rob Jackson11:5412:4612:4037:20323
30DMark Ellison/ Tash Ellison11:5411:4711:4935:30618
31DLuke Tunney/ Mike Quayle11:5412:0512:0035:59720
32CSteven Ormond-Smith/ Damian Bird11:5413:3912:4438:17928
33BDylan Parry/ Stephen Christian12:5913:3012:3739:06530
34EDonovan Louie/ Jonathan Turnbull14:3515:0614:0843:49734
35AIan Kelly/ Margaret Kelly12:1712:3125:0030:001:19:48235
Car 35 Penalty details:- 30:00 for Missed SS 3F
36ARob Jones/ Tony Archer 13:4914:3313:2841:50133
37DCathy Sewart/ Colin Stephens13:3613:2112:3439:31931
38HGareth Frank/ Sam Spencer13:3713:2713:1440:18232
39HStephen Higgins/ Mark Casey12:5212:5112:3138:14126
40CTerry Philips/ Ian Notman12:5712:4912:4238:281029
41ADave Gaggs/ Matthew Crowe13:2415:26 Broken Engine Mount
42CCraig Lemaire/ Alan Lemaire12:4012:4012:1337:33724
43CDavid Paul Turner/ Leonard Stanway12:5112:5512:3038:16827
44CNigel Quirk/ Abbie Quirk12:2312:4312:1137:17622
45DDavid Cluckie/ John Tear   Non Starter
46ABen Reeder/ Chris Sharpe-Simkiss13:47  Gearbox Mount Snapped
47APaul Kenney/ David Oliver12:4712:4725:0031:001:21:34336
Car 47 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at TC 1
30:00 for Missed SS 3F

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
The Cronk 1
10.81 miles
Stage 2
Knocksharry 1
11.32 miles
Stage 3
The Cronk 2
10.81 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 31st January 2015 at 18:00 GMT

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