Car Cls Crew1234567891011 Penalty Total Cls
1EPeter Stephenson/ Ian Windress2:402:271:303:433:532:423:542:412:311:57 Throttle position sensor
5ETom Preston/ Jamie Forrest 2:462:361:343:544:142:53     Transmission
7EDavid Gathercole/ Thomas Aleksandrowicz3:05          Retired
8EShaun Wilson/ Chris Longster2:482:401:412:522:471:484:27Retired
9CNick Dobson/ Steve Pugh2:472:551:384:054:193:034:182:462:411:404:0034:121345
12EDarren Grimston/ Richard Ross           Non Starter
19EMatt Tarbutt/ Joff Haigh           Non Starter
21EDavid Wallbank/ Paul Hudson3:002:491:474:154:253:158:00    Retired
26BMichael Davison/ Chris Dodds3:162:571:544:324:444:084:52    Retired
35CChris Marlow/ Ralph Stork3:193:324:09   Retired
39AAndy Forrest/ Kevin Bardon3:163:001:57        Retired Coil
42CNeil Prior/ John Stanger-Leathes3:163:074:505:133:435:253:273:162:075:54Not Reporting at SA3
48AOlli Bell/ Katy Bates3:413:492:094:495:114:005:18    4:00Heated argument with a wall, and then a ditch
Car 48 Penalty details:- 4:00 for 4:00 early at TC4
49CWayne Hirst/ Dave Evans4:383:041:534:274:533:293:333:182:104:48Retired
105H1/2Bob Bean/ Malcolm Smithson           Clutch
107H3Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson3:032:59         Broken Halfshaft

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Wass 1
2.38 miles
Stage 2
College Moor 1
2.15 miles
Stage 3
Pry Rigg 1
1.50 miles
Stage 4
Waterloo 1
3.40 miles
Stage 5
Riccal Dale 1
3.98 miles
Stage 6
Roppa 1
2.71 miles
Stage 7
Boltby 1
3.73 miles
Stage 8
Wass 2
2.38 miles
Stage 9
College Moor 2
3.45 miles
Stage 10
Pry Rigg 2
2.34 miles
Stage 11
Waterloo 2
3.40 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 22nd February 2015 at 17:10 GMT

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