Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
3DSteven Simpson/ Mark Booth11:007:328:418:346:386:315:3322:00O.T.L. @ FTC 1
Car 3 Penalty details:- 18:00 for 18:00 early at ATC 2
3:00 for 3:00 early at ATC 3
1:00 for 1:00 early at ATC 4
6CChris Platt/ Colin Thompson7:297:198:308:256:35  Wheel Bearing
9CRob Hall/ Henry Hall7:477:338:448:326:365:17 Diff
10CKeith Davison/ Ian Bailey7:477:248:41    Electrical problems
11DGeorge Mackey/ Julian Russell8:039:389:008:386:42  Broken Bottom Arm
13DPhil Pickard/ Col Burley8:0511:009:24    O.T.L. @ FTC 2
14DCraig McIntosh/ Dave Hammond8:54      Retired
15DSteve Magson/ Geof Atkinson       Non Starter
21BMark Booth/ Adam Thornton8:508:309:579:577:347:326:2058:40932
22CChris Leeming/ Lorraine Leeming7:567:47     blown engine
31BTim Crombie/ Aggie Foster10:18    Engine
37CNigel Williamson/ Ed Bryant8:458:299:4710:38   .Engine problems
48BStephen Dobson/ Marie Dobson8:468:4110:019:497:56  electrical problems
49CJonathan Pulleyn/ Peter Barry Williams8:408:16     loss of oil
50BJohn Dixon/ Graham Wride8:478:3510:009:53   engine
51BDarryl Pickering/ Grant Jewitt8:498:409:469:009:164:38Not Reporting at ATC 4
52AMalcolm Baker/ Michael Rust8:579:29     Collision with post
54AJune Conway/ Vivian Young9:32      clutch failure
55CSteven Jellie/ Maurice Jellie8:558:319:419:357:277:26 Retired
59CAndy Townsend/ Tim Rodgers8:348:179:319:28   engine
66BChris Henderson/ James Bulley10:52      Blown Engine

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

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These results were last updated on Sunday 4th April 2021 at 22:16 BST

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L = Larkspeed League Club. B = Beverley Award. F=Female or Mixed
E = East Yorkshire