JMC&LCC - Paperclix Jersey Rally 2014

Final Stage Times in Position Order for Retirements to Srv 8 Out - Saturday AM

Car Cls CrewTotal
Friday Eve
15161718 Penalty Total Cls
73AWilliam Winstanley/ Daniel Lagadu1:09:33.84:58.99:39.24:36.78:37.2Removed car from Parc Ferme
78CJohn Robert/ Gary Robert59:38.05:28.59:37.05:12.19:10.6Retired
46CPaul Romeril/ Kevin Bicknell1:02:40.94:53.68:28.94:24.57:41.41:28:09.31033
48BJohn Eborall/ Peter Jory1:02:37.94:39.08:06.84:23.47:40.61:27:27.7231
34ENeil Touzel/ Matthew Whitehead1:00:39.14:23.77:41.24:14.07:19.81:24:17.8622
59FWD2Michael Kean / Katie Sanders 59:30.24:36.37:38.74:17.17:23.71:23:26.0318
24EAndy Falcounbridge/ Stephen Elliott58:09.34:31.07:36.54:13.07:20.71:21:50.5415
10FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Camp57:09.84:10.17:28.64:08.27:23.71:20:20.4214
27DMarcus Stanley Bisson/ David John Petit57:28.14:19.27:21.24:05.87:02.01:20:16.3513
8CRichard Fishleigh/ Ian Gardiner56:55.94:08.87:06.64:06.87:06.11:19:24.239
18CRoss Le Noa/ Simon Le Noa55:04.04:20.07:27.84:03.57:03.91:17:59.227
22EKevin Gell/ Sue Fossey55:29.24:10.97:13.94:01.86:54.11:17:49.936
1CSteve Leonard/ Sion Humphreys53:02.33:57.26:57.33:53.96:44.01:14:34.712
47ANick Mauger/ Geno Gouveia43:43.74:51.08:03.04:27.37:37.0Retired
75FWD2Jonathan Robilliard/ Martyn Vidamour29:30.45:34.89:30.44:55.610:10.40:30.0Retired
Car 75 Penalty details:- 0:30 for 0:30 early at Srv 7 In
50EGrant Collins/ Richard Lightfoot35:02.14:44.48:07.14:24.17:31.4Retired
21CRon Allen/ Sam Allen35:50.04:17.17:20.83:57.86:56.3Retired
32CDale Crowsley/ John Vaudin19:31.04:09.67:09.35:03.37:09.2Hit Hedge and Wall
68BMichael Amy/ Lee Rogan16:17.24:29.47:41.84:19.57:22.8Retired
76AJack Hinton/ Conor Carre4:18.54:47.512:19.74:36.08:10.4Hit granite wall
36CAndrew Fleming/ Mike Fleming4:15.25:01.08:19.84:34.77:52.6Electrical
39BAnton Shaw/ Kevin Harris5:03.18:51.34:47.98:30.71:00.0Broke Driveshaft
Car 39 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 early at SSA 17
65AEuan Dangerfield/ Paul Coleshill4:57.48:24.14:41.18:00.1Bank damage
9EGary Le Coadou/ Tony Bassett    Turbo Failure
7CJames Munden/ Andy Frost57:08.14:20.27:39.94:13.47:29.6Diff
11DRay O'Donoghue/ Cathy Elliott52:39.64:18.27:23.53:59.17:01.9Retired
77APhilip Harris / Liam Burns1:03:49.64:20.57:59.34:30.5 Mechanical
20DMartin Waters/ Ben Purnell56:39.44:13.67:15.64:00.0 2:00.0Retired
Car 20 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at Srv 7 In
30EColin Edmond/ Simon John Rogers12:33.14:17.27:27.0  Electrical
45AAdrian Smekss/ Chris Neale34:54.15:41.4   Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 15
North 15
3.26 miles
Stage 16
Waterworks 16
5.75 miles
Stage 17
North 17
3.26 miles
Stage 18
Waterworks 18
5.75 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 11th October 2014 at 5:14pm BST