JMC&LCC - Paperclix Jersey Rally 2014

Final Stage Times in Position Order with Positions to SSA 15 - Saturday AM

Car Cls CrewTotal
Friday Eve
Penalty Total Cls
2DSimon Mauger/ Brian Cammack52:11.352:11.311
1CSteve Leonard/ Sion Humphreys53:02.353:02.312
3ESimon Chapman/ Will Rutherford-Child54:28.554:28.513
5ELee Vivian/ Robbie Hannah54:40.354:40.324
6DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro54:55.154:55.125
18CRoss Le Noa/ Simon Le Noa55:04.055:04.026
22EKevin Gell/ Sue Fossey55:29.255:29.237
17DDave Oliveira/ Kevin Irving56:04.156:04.138
28CJohn Le Noa/ Bruce Robinson56:22.656:22.639
20DMartin Waters/ Ben Purnell56:39.456:39.4410
15FWD2Dave West/ Chris West56:43.256:43.2111
8CRichard Fishleigh/ Ian Gardiner56:55.956:55.9412
14DMark Follain/ Jamie Langois56:56.656:56.6513
7CJames Munden/ Andy Frost57:08.157:08.1514
10FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Camp57:09.857:09.8215
27DMarcus Stanley Bisson/ David John Petit57:28.157:28.1616
13CLyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter58:00.258:00.2617
24EAndy Falcounbridge/ Stephen Elliott58:09.358:09.3418
23DRobert De St Paer/ Dave Moyse58:12.558:12.5719
59FWD2Michael Kean / Katie Sanders 59:30.259:30.2320
42CJohn Le Brun/ Jason Le Brun59:38.459:38.4721
35EIan Stevens/ Steve Gully59:48.259:48.2522
29CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox59:48.359:48.3823
26BJames Patterson/ Calla Tough1:00:32.61:00:32.6124
34ENeil Touzel/ Matthew Whitehead1:00:39.11:00:39.1625
74AIan Barnard/ Steve Greenhill1:00:44.11:00:44.1126
33FWD2Karl Robert/ Christian Pommier1:00:54.71:00:54.7427
41CLiam White/ Kieran Gregory1:01:19.71:01:19.7928
38EChris Le Chevalier/ Lee Dare1:01:20.31:01:20.3729
31CDarryl Morris / Garry Toy1:02:15.61:02:15.61030
48BJohn Eborall/ Peter Jory1:02:37.91:02:37.9231
64FWD2Matthew Baratte/ Aaron Falle1:02:38.01:02:38.0532
46CPaul Romeril/ Kevin Bicknell1:02:40.91:02:40.91133
55FWD2Ashley Davies/ Sam Fordam1:02:48.41:02:48.4634
56DMartin Pallot/ Gemma Harries1:03:05.71:03:05.7835
77APhilip Harris / Liam Burns1:03:49.61:03:49.6236
54AJames Weaver/ Teresa Butler1:03:50.71:03:50.7337
51CDick Mauger/ Steve McNulty1:03:50.91:03:50.91238
69EDavid Smith/ Drew Jones1:04:15.51:04:15.5839
70ESimon Wallis/ Peter Horsman1:04:16.51:04:16.5940
37CTim Alderson/ Pete Villars1:04:20.71:04:20.71341
81FWD2Jack Butel/ Emma Grant Pearce1:04:32.91:04:32.9742
44EDave Price/ Neil Osmand1:04:45.01:04:45.01043
79CTony McCarthy/ Mark Johnson1:05:37.11:05:37.11444
43CRichard Le Marquand/ Trevor Rabet1:05:40.11:05:40.11545
72FWD2Benjamin Mason/ Nikita Hall1:04:41.73:00.01:07:41.7846
Car 72 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at SSA 15
80BLeanne Pinel/ Hannah Venton1:08:53.01:08:53.0347
62CJohn Le Cheminant/ Philip Vedier1:08:58.71:08:58.71648
71ARay Outhwaite/ Lee Berris1:09:18.01:09:18.0449
52FWD2Sam Lamy/ Paulo Martins1:09:51.41:09:51.4950
58AKevin Shales/ Steven Ahearne1:10:13.51:10:13.5551
60BMartin Young/ Craig Addlesee1:10:48.61:10:48.6452

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 11th October 2014 at 5:14pm BST