JMC&LCC - Paperclix Jersey Rally 2014

Final Stage Times in Class Order for Retirements to SF 11 - Friday Eve

Car Cls CrewTotal
Friday Day
91011 Penalty Total Cls
Class A
73AWilliam Winstanley/ Daniel Lagadu36:11.06:38.66:24.26:36.755:50.5451
77APhilip Harris / Liam Burns33:37.96:38.66:05.46:36.752:58.6344
47ANick Mauger/ Geno Gouveia36:09.07:34.7  Retired
45AAdrian Smekss/ Chris Neale34:54.1   Retired
76AJack Hinton/ Conor Carre4:18.5   Hit granite wall
65AEuan Dangerfield/ Paul Coleshill   Bank damage
Class B
48BJohn Eborall/ Peter Jory34:04.56:30.35:11.56:09.051:55.3238
68BMichael Amy/ Lee Rogan16:17.2   Retired
39BAnton Shaw/ Kevin Harris   Broke Driveshaft
61BDavid Earthy/ Maria Rayner31:24.2   Retired
Class C
78CJohn Robert/ Gary Robert38:59.66:38.67:05.6 52:43.81757
46CPaul Romeril/ Kevin Bicknell33:58.36:04.15:28.26:05.551:36.11137
8CRichard Fishleigh/ Ian Gardiner30:47.95:29.05:12.75:29.646:59.2514
7CJames Munden/ Andy Frost29:33.15:36.85:19.35:50.546:19.7410
18CRoss Le Noa/ Simon Le Noa29:17.55:33.15:00.05:23.245:13.825
1CSteve Leonard/ Sion Humphreys28:00.95:23.04:50.95:14.443:29.212
21CRon Allen/ Sam Allen29:35.46:14.6  Retired
32CDale Crowsley/ John Vaudin19:31.0   Hit Hedge and Wall
36CAndrew Fleming/ Mike Fleming4:15.2   Electrical
67CSteve Ellis/ Chris Crocker32:05.9   Retired
57CKeith Pinel/ Matthew Pinel8:01.8   Accident
63CLee Earthy/ Stanley Graham   Non Starter
Class D
40DMichael Cotillard/ Barry Le Cheminant32:39.36:13.55:33.45:59.950:26.1931
11DRay O'Donoghue/ Cathy Elliott30:32.15:58.45:03.45:57.947:31.8717
27DMarcus Stanley Bisson/ David John Petit30:40.55:59.05:14.85:37.247:31.5616
20DMartin Waters/ Ben Purnell30:07.75:47.25:09.75:34.546:39.1411
16DPete Rayner/ Richard Bonner30:27.0   Propshaft
12DStewart Le Breton/ Justin Bush13:00.1   Accident
66DRoss Baudains / James Langlois5:28.3   Gearbox
Class E
34ENeil Touzel/ Matthew Whitehead32:32.26:33.65:16.05:52.250:14.0629
24EAndy Falcounbridge/ Stephen Elliott30:35.85:44.25:24.25:49.747:33.9418
22EKevin Gell/ Sue Fossey29:51.45:34.34:53.85:30.145:49.637
50EGrant Collins/ Richard Lightfoot35:02.1   Retired
30EColin Edmond/ Simon John Rogers12:33.1   Electrical
9EGary Le Coadou/ Tony Bassett   Turbo Failure
4EIan Godney/ Paul Brown   Retired
Class FWD2
19FWD2Dan Corner/ Mark Regan33:19.55:37.55:06.45:33.149:36.5425
59FWD2Michael Kean / Katie Sanders 32:14.25:54.05:06.85:54.049:09.0323
10FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Camp30:41.75:39.35:04.55:40.147:05.6215
75FWD2Jonathan Robilliard/ Martyn Vidamour29:30.4   Retired
25FWD2Chris Torode/ Craig Robert30:39.95:44.65:13.4 Retired
49FWD2Daniel Fleming/ Glyn Moignard7:36.1   Rolled
53FWD2Francis Touzel/ Phil Morin   Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 9
Rossignol 9
4.49 miles
Stage 10
Hetres 10
4.07 miles
Stage 11
Rossignol 11
4.49 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 11th October 2014 at 17:14 BST