Beverley & District Motor Club - Maple Garage Beaver Rally 2014

Final Penalties in Starting Order with Positions to MTC 28 - Card 4

Car Cls CrewTotal
Card 3
Total Cls
1EPhil Burton/ Sam Collis1:25 Alternator
2ECarl Hawkins/ Iain Tullie6:236:2322
3ERichard Hunter/ Gary Evans5:175:1711
4ERichard Hemingway/ Mike Ogram7:227:2233
5EMalcolm Holdsworth/ Richard Holdsworth10:0610:0678
6EPaul Rowland/ Paul Taylor9:519:5155
7EStan Featherstone/ Sam Spencer8:32 Gearbox Failure
8EChris Faulkner/ Trevor Faulkner9:349:3444
9EDavid Wainwright/ Yvonne Wainwright6F 31:266F 31:26919
10EMatt Wood/ Alan Jackson10:0310:0366
11EGeoff Goodwin/ Richard Wilson Misfire
12EDhiren Solanki/ Richard Crozier22:0122:01812
15SJames Taylor/ Ian Graham10:3610:3629
16SPete Jagger/ Henry Carr10:0310:0317
17SRobert Short/ Rob Brook12:2712:27310
18SSteven Mitchell/ Ian Mitchell3:10 Retired
19SPaul Metcalfe/ Stuart Wright1F 27:511F 27:51615
20SAndrew Stewart/ Roger Stoneley21:0521:05411
21SMatt Blood/ Dan Blood22:0722:07513
22NSteve Tindall/ Tom Spencer25:1325:13114
23NScott Wragg/ Chris Wright2F 1:10:592F 1:10:59418
24NNiall Frost/ Simon Frost2F 58:092F 58:09317
25NRobin Taylor/ John Taylor6F 2:09:126F 2:09:12520
26NTim Bradley/ James Greenhough1F 1:36:39 Retired
27NBevan Blacker/ Adam Blacker 1F 1:22:261F 1:22:26216

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 20th July 2014 at 06:09 BST