Dukeries Motor Club - Flying Fortress Stages 2014

Final Stage Times in Class Order with Positions to SS 1 Finish

Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
171John Taylor/ Jane Edgington 115
291Tom Walster/ Pete Shaw 227
321Paul Rees/ Paul Briggs 330
351Will Barnard/ Simon Higgs 433
371Ian Holliday/ Beccy Wilbraham 535
411Clare Rix/ Rob Cook 639
491Mark Blackmore / Matthew Blackmore  745
521Christopher Newlove/ Linda White 847
531Stephen Bye/ Matty Daniels 948
551Emily Bunyan/ Jasmina Bareham 1050
Class 2
192Michael Pickles/ James Crosland 117
312Luke Store/ Jim Jones 229
342Robert Dillon/ Peter Weston 332
362Martin Peters/ Chris Hay 434
402Peter Quinton/ John Pearson 538
422Duncan Brown/ Ian Robertson 640
462Chris Bellamy/ Ashlie Thorpe 742
482Martin Harris/ Alan Carfrae  844
502Kevan Neal/ Chris Sharpe-Simkiss 946
Class 3
83Rob Smith/ Jordy Smith 17
153Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass 213
303Nigel Barber/ Stuart Popplewell 328
333Roy Gravestock/ Calvin Houldsworth 431
443Terry Pressdee/ Mark Broadbent 541
473Jason Hewlett/ Sean Ward 643
543Ross Wey/ Liam Carfrae 749
513Peter Roughan / Tilley Roughan 854
Class 4
144Mark Fisher / Daniel Palmer  112
164Stuart Tomlinson/ Nick Taylor 214
204Alan Cooper/ Richard Wynddam-Smith 318
394Simon Connolly/ Sara Connolly 437
Class 5
15Alex Cannon/ Ray Keith 11
25Alex Taylor/ Mark Swallow 22
35Gawaine Clark/ Sean Bailey 33
45Johnnie Ellis/ Dave Green 44
65Gary Wayne/ Tony Szubert 55
75Dave Welch/ Stuart Proctor 66
95Ben Cressey/ Tom Murphy 78
105David Longfellow/ Danny Ward 89
115Dave McLachlan/ Philip Mills 910
125Stuart Cadman/ Dennis Suttenwood 1011
185Andy Graham/ Will Henry 1116
215Lee Burgess/ Craig Burgess 1219
225Luke Sparrow/ Jim Ducker 1320
235Simon Wing/ Ian Jones 1421
245Simon Belcher/ Nigel Wetton 1522
255William Moore/ Stuart Moore 1623
265Nick Barrington/ Tom Barrington 1724
275John Tolson/ Connor Tolson 1825
285Hugh Peat/ Mick Sendall 1926
385Simon Hall/ Bridie Hall 2036

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 16th March 2014 at 17:00 GMT