Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
28BBen Cree/ Richard Shores4:034:0311
43EOllie Mellors/ Alex Lee4:124:1212
101H3Matthew Robinson/ Sam Collis4:134:1313
1EIan Joel/ Graeme Wood4:184:1824
2EPeter Stephenson/ Ian Windress4:184:1835
100H3Tomas Hewick/ Mick Johnson4:254:2526
5EMiles Johnston/ Ian Bevan4:314:3147
9CNick Dobson/ Jim Goodman4:324:3218
6EPeter Smith/ Graham Wild4:344:3459
14CChris Haigh/ Sally Peacock4:344:34210
102H2Warren Philliskirk/ Garry Green4:344:34111
10CAndy Gibson/ Dave Gibson4:384:38312
12AMat Smith/ Darren Smith4:384:38113
105H2Steve Magson/ Rachael Magson4:394:39214
4EThomas Preston/ Jamie Forrest4:404:40615
3ERodger Mark Fowler/ Chris Dewsnap4:414:41716
103H3Marcus Noble/ Helen Hall4:424:42317
18CAlex Lund/ Nick Kitching4:454:45418
22DRobert Harkness/ Michael Curry4:454:45119
7EJames Sparrow/ James Ducker4:474:47820
21CGary Beckwith/ Kirsty Beckwith4:494:49521
17DIan Jemison/ Dean Kellett4:534:53222
44CDave Wallbank/ Ben Welch4:554:55623
15EDavid May/ Mark Swallow4:564:56924
31CJohn Tillett/ Guy Kirby4:594:59725
104H3Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter5:005:00426
30CPaul Hudson/ Colin Stockil5:015:01827
112H3Jason Straker/ NEIL COLLS5:045:04528
16ETony Thompson/ Paul Hudson5:055:051029
33CJon Finch/ Paul Vasey5:085:08930
42ADaniel Thompson/ Mike Scrimgour5:115:11231
20AJames Gratton-Smith/ Tom Jordan5:135:13332
23DSimon Cole/ Ian Jones5:135:13333
29BAdrian Stewart/ Tom Hynd5:135:13234
107H2Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross5:145:14335
110H2Michael Thornton / Dave Srimgour5:145:14436
34BChris Grundy/ Steve Grundy5:155:15337
26D Chris Marlow/ Ron Roughead5:165:16438
108H3Andrew Robinson/ Kevin Wilson5:165:16639
111H2Joshua Edward Carr/ Adrian Wilford5:195:19540
37ESimon Green/ Andrew Thorpe5:255:251141
41AChristopher Roe/ Robert McKenzie5:275:27442
36AAndy Forrest/ Kevin Bardon5:375:37543
24ENeil Andrews/ Mike Fox5:405:401244
32DGraeme Powell/ Tom Spencer5:445:44545
109H1Richard Holdsworth/ Yvette Hughes5:445:44146
39AKevin Hullah/ Chris Harding5:505:50647
38BTony Cawthorne/ Scott Dance6:076:07448
106H3Pip Coulson/ John McNichol6:266:26749
35AAmanda Cornforth/ Derek Cornforth9:009:00750
These Competitors have not completed a Stage yet
8EShaun Wilson/ Errol Bairstow 1351

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Boltby 1
3.84 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 9th February 2014 at 16:30 GMT

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