Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
35Peter Taylor/ Jack Morton7:507:327:257:0512:00   Throttle Motor
135Stuart Walker/ Julie McGuire8:459:369:288:51    Transmission failure
205David Longfellow/ Danny Ward8:208:208:177:538:107:38  Retired
211Andrew Fawcett/ Chris Purvis9:21       Driveshaft Flange
223Charlie gabb/ Mick Quinn9:118:098:02     Driver Ill
235Steve Marriott/ Dave Mclachlan        Non Starter
263Joseph Redmond/ Luke Cambell8:318:17      Not Carrying a Spare Tyre
275Dave Hornbrook/ Caroline Howell8:148:467:567:457:427:3712:00 Diff Failure
305Jon Trenholme/ Alison Trenholme8:39       Retired
353Yuk Hodgson/ Jonathan Pulleyn9:178:408:2612:00    Misfire
413Alan Hick/ Philip Hewson        Non Starter
435David White/ Frank Woodhead8:4712:008:1812:00    Retired
445Kevin lomax/ Dan williamson8:438:288:248:078:099:36  Lack of Gears
493Andrew Grimstone/ Robert Dawson9:068:488:478:328:378:22  Retired
554Nik Artley/ Andrew Barlow8:5511:359:198:1912:008:31  Gearbox
643Michael phillips/ Sean Stephens8:468:328:298:408:228:098:19 Retired
683Chris Watts/ Graham Cook9:218:428:398:52    Electrical Fault
705George Scott/ Rachel Fawcett        Non Starter
743David Mitchinson/ Ryan Winthrop        Non Starter
773Terry Pressdee/ Tom Lambert12:0012:008:599:02    Retired
783Michael Cartwright/ Steve Warrington10:1312:008:38     Driveshaft
812John Mark Gaskin/ John Anthony Gaskin9:0312:00      Gearbox Failure
842Shaun Smith/ Brian Smith9:159:459:05     Wheel Studs Sheared
862Leigh Mawson/ Ross Mawson8:328:218:408:198:037:4712:00 Alternator
893Mark Burton/ John Burton9:228:558:499:038:24   Blown Clutch

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.10 miles
Stage 2
6.10 miles
Stage 3
6.10 miles
Stage 4
6.10 miles
Stage 5
6.10 miles
Stage 6
6.10 miles
Stage 7
6.10 miles
Stage 8
6.10 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 28th December 2013 at 18:23 GMT

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