Furness District Motor Club - Coppermines Grizedale Stages Rally 2013

Final Stage Times in Class Order with Positions to TC 1

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class Class 1
101Class 1Malcolm Hague/ Dave Read139
103Class 1Bryan Gibson / Matthew Gibson240
104Class 1Richard Gemmell/ Scott Dance341
105Class 1Dave Brick/ Freddy Brick442
106Class 1Sian Beaty/ Dave Antrobus543
107Class 1Dave Head/ Andy Darlington644
108Class 1Gary Rigg/ Claire Rigg745
Class Class 2
12Class 2Alex Parpottas/ Alex Kihurani112
15Class 2William Midgley/ Geoff Maybank215
21Class 2Jim Slater/ Chris Slater320
23Class 2Steve Head/ Jonny Grisedale422
25Class 2Barry Lindsay/ Michael Lindsay524
28Class 2Mark Shaw/ James Coxon627
30Class 2Malcolm Davey/ Paul Slingsby729
36Class 2Chris Melling/ Dave Riley834
37Class 2Jonathan Atkinson/ Andrew Storey935
39Class 2John Marshall/ Chris Pattison1037
Class Class 3
10Class 3Ashley Hodge/ Steve Pugh110
17Class 3Duncan Ferguson/ Janice Ferguson217
20Class 3Andy Gibson/ Dave Gibson319
22Class 3David Wallbank/ Mike Scrimgour421
24Class 3Mike Dunning/ Mike Allen523
27Class 3David Dobson/ Phil Sandham626
32Class 3Colin Hope/ Nick Patrick731
33Class 3Nigel Hunt/ Andrew Wright832
Class Class 4
31Class 4Mark Nuttall/ Ben Anderson130
34Class 4Chris Marlow/ Garry Green233
Class Class 5
1Class 5Alex Allingham/ Chris Williams11
2Class 5Matthew Wilson/ Chris Patterson22
3Class 5Paul Bird/ Aled Davies33
4Class 5Peter Stephenson/ Ian Windress44
5Class 5Derek McGeehan/ Darragh Mullen55
6Class 5Gary Tomlinson/ Stephen Thompson66
7Class 5Brendan Cumiskey/ Conor Foley77
8Class 5Simon Bowen/ Richard Robinson88
9Class 5Thomas Preston/ Jamie Forrest99
11Class 5Jon Caen/ Mark Morris1011
13Class 5Paul Bonas/ Abie Haycock1113
14Class 5John Rintoul/ Alan Cowan1214
16Class 5John Bainbridge/ Giles Dykes1316
18Class 5Tony Thompson/ Paul Hudson1418
26Class 5Michael Dwan/ Jane Clark1525
29Class 5Darren Martin/ Daniel Hurst1628
38Class 5Mark Goodfellow/ Kyle Gass1736

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 30th November 2013 at 16:45 GMT