Car Cls Crew12345678910 Penalty Total Cls
Class 0
230Conor Flynn/ Ella Flynn          Retired
Class 1
361Tom Walster/ Craig Baker4:394:38Retired
651Gordon Blyth/ Andy Hunt13:005:5110:294:42  Retired
Class 3
503Jody Shuffe/ Garry Green6:095:39    Broken Suspension hit concrete block
263Martin Kilburn/ Ann Forster5:405:27    Retired
433Neil Marshall/ Mike Scrimgour          Non Starter
583Simon Szubert / Andrew wells          Retired
333Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass          Non Starter
Class 4
174Andy Davison/ Tanya Little4:204:534:204:20Retired
514John Moore/ Neal Bloor6:235:554:535:00  Engine Oil Pressure
594Steve Loomes/ Martyn Loomes6:125:475:19   Driver had to be taken away for re-training
Class 5
145Ian Tiffany/ Matt Venables13:005:154:184:14  Engine Overheating
115Dave Hornbrook/ Jim Goodman5:225:124:165:52  Melted Brake Pipe
305Des Moody/ Ian Haynes5:525:14    Gearbox
35Tom Morris/ Colin Harkness          Damage from Pheasant
45Rob Lowe/ Stephen Shepard          Retired
15Gawaine Clark/ Shaun Bailey          Engine Damage

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 5
4.60 miles
Stage 6
4.60 miles
Stage 7
3.90 miles
Stage 8
3.90 miles
Stage 9
4.00 miles
Stage 10
4.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 6th October 2013 at 18:40 BST

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