Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
1D5Tapio Laukkanen/ Glenn Patterson11
2D5Martin McCormack/ Phil Clarke22
3D5Nick Elliott/ Dave Price33
4K3Jason Tauber Pritchard/ Dale Furniss14
6D5Tim Pearcey/ Neil Shanks45
7D5Matt Edwards/ Sam Collis56
8D5Rob Smith/ Alun Cook67
9IDylan Davies/ Llion Tractor Williams18
10D5Jimmy McRae/ Pauline Gullick79
11D5James Potter/ Robert Duck810
12D5Richard Lane/ Frank Richer911
13K3Will Nicholls/ Nick Broom212
14D4Tim Mason/ Graham Wild113
15K3Steve Perez/ Carl Williamson314
16D4Steve Magson/ Geoff Atkinson215
17D5Phil Squires / Mick Squires1016
18D5Tim Freeman/ Ashley Trimble1117
19D4Guy Anderson/ Kim Baker318
21IBarry Jordan/ James Gratton-Smith219
22D5Simon Webster/ Pete Cotton1220
23D5Mark Bentley/ Ed Bentley1321
24D3Peter Smith/ Patrick Walsh122
25D3Ben Mellors/ Alex Lee223
26C3Dick Slaughter/ Tim Sayer124
27IMartyn Hawkswell/ Nick Welch325
28D3Alan Hughes/ Richard Wardle326
29C5Nick Jarvis/ Craig Thorley127
32IAlex Lund/ Nick Kitching428
36D5Tom Coughtrie/ Jamie Edwards1429
37C3Terry Cree/ Richard Shores230
38D5Andrew Robinson/ Nigel Boston1531
39D5Rob Weir/ Ben Giles1632
40C3David Kirby/ Chris Rixon333
41D3Dave Forrest/ Charlie Carter434
42IWill Midgley/ Paul Slingsby535
43C3Simon Pickering/ John Brindley436
44D3Ben Friend/ Keegan Rees537
45D3Ben Welch/ Ben Cohen638
46C5Richard Hill/ Dave Robson239
61D2Robin Shuttleworth/ Ron Roughead140
62D2Clive Alcock/ Richard Hortin241
63B4Mr Ian Graham Beveridge/ Paul Price142
64B1Stephen Higgins/ Howard Allison143
101E5Jock Armstrong/ Kirsty Riddick144
102E3John MacCrone/ Phil Pugh145
103E5Chris Collie/ Mark Fisher246
104E5Peter Taylor/ Andrew Roughead347
105E5Darren Martin/ Martin Steele448
106E4Chris Marlow/ Miles Cartwright149
107E3Peter Stewart/ Mark McCulloch250
108E3Andrew Thorpe/ Paul Newton351
109E3James Hall/ Caroline Lodge452
35FSimon Wallis/ Graham Wride1:001:00153
Car 35 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Jump Start SS1

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 22nd June 2013 at 16:30 BST

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