Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club - DMACK Carlisle Stages Rally 2013

Final Stage Times in Position Order to TC3

Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
101E5Jock Armstrong/ Kirsty Riddick4:276:5411:2111
2D5Martin McCormack/ Phil Clarke4:327:0011:3212
3D5Nick Elliott/ Dave Price4:357:0611:4123
103E5Chris Collie/ Mark Fisher4:357:0711:4224
104E5Peter Taylor/ Andrew Roughead4:407:0911:4935
4K3Jason Tauber Pritchard/ Dale Furniss4:437:0811:5116
102E3John MacCrone/ Phil Pugh4:427:1511:5717
1D5Tapio Laukkanen/ Glenn Patterson4:457:1411:5938
7D5Matt Edwards/ Sam Collis4:457:1612:0149
8D5Rob Smith/ Alun Cook4:477:1412:01510
6D5Tim Pearcey/ Neil Shanks4:467:1612:02611
46C5Richard Hill/ Dave Robson4:477:2512:12112
12D5Richard Lane/ Frank Richer4:497:2912:18713
11D5James Potter/ Robert Duck4:527:3812:30814
23D5Mark Bentley/ Ed Bentley4:547:4012:34915
14D4Tim Mason/ Graham Wild4:577:3712:34116
19D4Guy Anderson/ Kim Baker5:007:3512:35217
21IBarry Jordan/ James Gratton-Smith4:537:4312:36118
13K3Will Nicholls/ Nick Broom4:597:3912:38219
24D3Peter Smith/ Patrick Walsh5:027:3612:38120
18D5Tim Freeman/ Ashley Trimble5:037:3512:381021
10D5Jimmy McRae/ Pauline Gullick5:027:4012:421122
25D3Ben Mellors/ Alex Lee5:047:4112:45223
16D4Steve Magson/ Geoff Atkinson4:577:4912:46324
26C3Dick Slaughter/ Tim Sayer5:067:4112:47125
32IAlex Lund/ Nick Kitching5:227:4413:06226
105E5Darren Martin/ Martin Steele5:127:5613:08427
27IMartyn Hawkswell/ Nick Welch5:137:5913:12328
29C5Nick Jarvis/ Craig Thorley5:147:5913:13229
17D5Phil Squires / Mick Squires4:578:2013:171230
38D5Andrew Robinson/ Nigel Boston5:158:0413:191331
28D3Alan Hughes/ Richard Wardle5:188:0113:19332
61D2Robin Shuttleworth/ Ron Roughead5:178:0613:23133
37C3Terry Cree/ Richard Shores5:198:0713:26234
43C3Simon Pickering/ John Brindley5:148:1413:28335
45D3Ben Welch/ Ben Cohen5:238:0613:29436
39D5Rob Weir/ Ben Giles5:208:1113:311437
42IWill Midgley/ Paul Slingsby5:298:1313:42438
36D5Tom Coughtrie/ Jamie Edwards5:268:2013:461539
63B4Mr Ian Graham Beveridge/ Paul Price5:298:1713:46140
40C3David Kirby/ Chris Rixon5:288:2313:51441
107E3Peter Stewart/ Mark McCulloch5:438:3214:15242
109E3James Hall/ Caroline Lodge5:458:3114:16343
35FSimon Wallis/ Graham Wride5:258:161:0014:41144
Car 35 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Jump Start SS1
108E3Andrew Thorpe/ Paul Newton6:069:0515:11445
106E4Chris Marlow/ Miles Cartwright6:059:1815:23146
64B1Stephen Higgins/ Howard Allison6:129:4816:00147
62D2Clive Alcock/ Richard Hortin6:279:4116:08248
22D5Simon Webster/ Pete Cotton4:487:186:0018:061649
Car 22 Penalty details:- 6:00 for 6:00 early at TC2
These Competitors have only done 1 stages
9IDylan Davies/ Llion Tractor Williams4:45 4:45550
44D3Ben Friend/ Keegan Rees5:21 5:21551

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Arthurs Seat 1
4.36 miles
Stage 2
Newcastleton 1
7.03 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 22nd June 2013 at 16:30 BST