Car Cls Crew12345678 Penalty Total Cls
2ERoss Daniels/ Paul Mankin        In Ditch
4EDuncan Moss/ Adam Moss15:349:2313:159:519:3711:1011:07Diff Failure
7EMichael Pickles/ Ann Forster11:3212:04      Blown Turbo
8EGary Wayne/ Andy Smith12:1511:25      Landed on nose of car pushing rad back into engine
13DLord Seb Coe/ Sir Steve Redgrave        Busy with his sports day
14CNick Dobson/ Mick O'Donnell12:2811:469:20     Electrical
18CStuart Ranby/ Ian Bass11:4612:199:449:2810:119:5311:3011:11OTL
19CDave Welch/ Stuart Proctor12:1111:379:068:58    Slide off into a ditch
25BBen Cree/ Richard Shores12:1011:559:248:589:429:2811:03 Retired
26BDavid Duff/ Harry Oliver13:0112:56      Head Gasket
33BBruce Lindsay/ Don Bramfoot16:419:4013:2010:0011:3111:09Retired
38CRobert Kennedy/ Kevin Hare13:0616:41      Broken Strut
40DMr John Moore/ Mr Neal Bloor16:4113:1910:18     OTL
41BColin Treeby/ Alan Treeby13:3616:419:329:2510:3210:00  Retired
46CTony Cox/ Matt Burden16:41       Electrical Short
49ASteven Hancock/ Tom Henman13:5313:1910:5611:4411:1813:1112:53Retired
56CRaymond Birkin/ Luke Birkin11:4711:3013:3613:16Retired
57BMark Casey/ Catherine Casey14:0813:54      Drive Shaft
61EJohn Clayton/ Allan Jackson16:418:2112:23    Brake Issue
63AKaty Bullock/ Simon Wing        Retired
64EMr Daniel Kennedy/ Mr Benjamin Searle13:0412:38      Big jump - nose dived
65AAdam Tomlinson/ Ian Tomlinson12:5312:12      Retired
66ETom Roberts/ Nicky Marriott        Non Starter
67DMartin Cockerill/ Steven Kent14:1310:4510:2112:1512:17Retired
68CSimon Szubert/ Luke Tomkinson        Engine Failure

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
7.30 miles
Stage 2
7.30 miles
Stage 3
6.00 miles
Stage 4
6.00 miles
Stage 5
6.00 miles
Stage 6
6.00 miles
Stage 7
7.20 miles
Stage 8
7.20 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 21st July 2012 at 18:44 BST

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