Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
15Michael Glendinning/ Josh DavisonNon Starter
25Ian Joel/ Graeme Wood11
35Mr Richard Cook/ Mr Edwin Cook22
45Mark I'Anson/ Ron Roughead33
55Gary Tomlinson/ Kim Baker44
64Matthew Robinson/ Nigel Hutchinson15
73Charlie Taylor/ Steve Bielby16
84Phil Burton/ Tom Woodburn27
95Pip Simpson/ R Metcalfe58
103Darren Moon/ Mark Fisher29
114Geoff Wilson/ Alex Benn310
123Andrew Wheatley/ Glenn Patterson311
145Keith Richardson / Jackie Richardson612
153Rob Barrett/ Dave Hammond413
164David Dobson/ Graham Hepworth414
173Gary Beckwith/ Kirsty Beckwith515
183Chris White/ Chris Dewsnap616
192David Taylor/ Lynsey Brench117
203Craig Cleaver/ Alistair Wilk718
215Thomas Heard/ Dave Robson719
221Graham Gaskell/ Heather Grisedale120
234Thomas Stephenson/ Marc Crack521
242Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross222
255Darren Martin/ Martin Steele823
265Neil Raven/ Ann Forster924
275Michael Dwan/ Jane Clarke1025
285Kristien Esser/ Chris Tidey1126
291Andy Forrest/ Frances Rush227
302William Midgley/ Jonathan DriverNon Starter
315Jan Paul Budge/ Dean Curtis1228
322Bernard Nolan/ Kari Bosworth329
332Steve Head/ Mitch McGrath430
345Tony Thompson/ Paul Hudson1331
355Ian Hopkinson/ Ben Hopkinson1432
361Gary Smith/ Mark Roberts333
372Alexander Curran/ David McGeoch534
382Darren Rutter/ Stephen Hartley635
395Michael Umbrich/ Marion SteadBiggest idiot in the world - Shell V Boost Diesel does not go in Mistubishis
401Stuart Cariss/ Linda Cariss436
414Graeme Powell/ Nick Middleton637
423Neil Prior/ Glynn Hayward838
432Andy Reid/ Alex Reid739
441Matthew Gibson/ Chris Paskin540
454Mark Wiltshire/ Adam Dunn741
461David Coleman/ Kyle Gass642
471Andrew Irving / Reg Irving 743
481Sam Steel/ Kerryl Carter844
491Russ Smith/ Richard Duddell945
502Andrew Robinson/ Colin Stockil846
513Gary Parker/ Lynn Parker947
525John Mark Hardy/ Graham Reader1548
533Marcus Noble/ Helen Hall1049
542Clive Alcock/ Steven Brown950
555Stephen Petch/ Ian Windress1651
565Lee Hastings/ Brian Findon1752
573Steve Bannister/ Louise Sutherland1153

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 8th July 2012 at 17:08 BST

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